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Toronto Star – Chelation Therapy Getting Big Test in T.O.

Chelation Therapy Getting Big Test In T.O.

Published on Toronto Start Page E5

Friday May 18, 2007

Gus Zalagenas walks up to his golf ball and takes a mighty swing. It’s  incredible enough that he’s this spry at age 84. But that’s nothing when you  consider that two years ago, this senior was so debilitated by coronary artery disease, he couldn’t even walk across the room  without collapsing in complete exhaustion. Now he’s able to play 18 holes  without blinking an eye. What happened to transform this elderly man from  playing his final round to becoming a new swinger?

His life changed when a neighbour suggested he try chelation  therapy, a process that’s normally used to clean the blood of dangerous  heavy metals that poison the body. But many are convinced it has other  applications – including clearing clogged arteries. The practice has both its  supporters and detractors, but after years of controversy, some formerly  skeptical physicians are taking a second look at the treatment.

And now one of them, a well known Toronto naturopath, has been chosen to take  part in a U.S. National Institutes  of Health study on the treatment to see if it’s really the miracle cure some  believe it to be.

“It improves the flexibility of the artery and opens up the circulation,” Dr.  Fred Hui insists. “We need a trial to confirm and show to the scientific  community there is something to it.”

To qualify for the trial, you must be over 50 years old, a non-smoker  and have suffered a heart attack.

Here’s where you can find more information about this potentially beneficial  process and take part in the study.

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