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Chelation Therapy Getting Big Test In T.O.

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Anorexia & Bulimia: A Body Of Knowledge

New Clothing & Sunscreen Warnings

How To Avoid Allergies

Your Sleep Positions Affect Your Body’s Well Being

Ontario Launches Full-Scale ‘Hepatitis C’ Ad Campaign

Vitamin D Cancer Study Excites Scientists

Can Special Scale Prevent Osteoporosis?

Barbecued Foods: Friend or Foe?

Does Miracle Germ Killing Product Live Up To Its Hype?

Baby Formula Additive Worries Parents

Free Child Immunization Reminder Website Debuts

Liquid Facelifts Promise To Improve Looks Without Surgery

Sunscreen Reminders Will Help You Shine In Good Weather

New Drug Promises To Help You Quit Smoking/Nicotine Replacement Offer 

Multiple Cancer Medications Puts Patients At Risk

Toronto Ponders Trans Fats Ban

Health Study Warns Diabetics About Heart Attacks

Gene Linked To Obesity Risk In British Study

Family Struggles To Cope With Rare Genetic Disease

Breast Cancer Death Rate Falls, More Women Living Longer

Cluttered Tables May Encourage Weight Loss: Study

Allergy-Sufferers Beware: The Season Is In Bloom

Waistline Measurement, A New Guide In Assessing The Risk Of Obesity In Canadians

Studies Show Importance Of Challenging Brain To Stave Off Alzheimer’s Disease

Experts Say Soy Formulas Should Be Last Choice

Blood Breakthrough Could Put An End To Shortages

New Vaccine Helps Prevent Ear Infections In Children, Study Finds

Robots Lead To Surgical Breakthroughs

Technique Promises Freedom From Hard-To-Cure Pain

Obesity Epidemic Means Your Child May Not Share Your Lifespan

Ear Aches Could Lead To Learning Disabilities In Kids

Is Your Kid Falling Behind On Crucial Early Childhood Development?

Easy Saliva Tests May Soon Be Used To Detect Disease

Tanning Bed Warning For Those Under 35

Extremely High Sodium Levels In Chinese Restaurant Dishes

All 102 T.O. High Schools To Get Defibrillators

Do Frozen Vegetables Pose A Hazard For Your Kids?

CPR Study Questions Effectiveness Of Mouth-To-Mouth

Why Your Home Could Be Lethal To Your Kids

Hormone Could Explain Teenage Mood Swings: Study

Study: Canadians Spending More On Health Care But Getting Less for It 

Are You Sleep Deprived After The Time Change?

Study Suggests Cell Phones Don’t Pose Problem In Hospitals

Can Laser Comb Grow Hair?

Campaign For HPV Vaccination For Girls

Hospital For Sick Children Ordered To Increase Security Following Theft 

Conquering Sleep Deprivation Following The Early Time Change

Privacy Commissioner Launches Probe Into Hospital For Sick Children Medical Info Breach

Do You Need A Flu Pandemic Kit?

Study: One Pain Reliever Better Than Others When It Comes to Treating Your Kids’ Wounds

Diabetes Rates Have Skyrocketed In Ont.: Study

Ice Cream Boosts Fertility: Study

C. Difficile Outbreak Hits Mississauga Hospital

Garlic Not A Cure-All: Study

Are You Having Trouble Finding A Family Doctor?

Should The Poor Get Free Dental Care?

Buying The Right Hockey Helmet Can Give Your Kid A “Head” Start On Safety

Pregnancy Hormone May Be Key In Battling MS

Flu Arrives Late But Is Hitting With A Vengeance

Prime Minister To Team Up With Bill Gates On AIDS Vaccines

New Cancer Test Shows When Some People Will Get The Disease

New Drug Promises to Slim Down Dogs

Artificial Lung Used For First Time In N. America

Snow Shovelling Can Be Hard On Your Heart

NHL Star Gives “Heart”-felt Gift To Some Life Savers

Radio Frequencies Used To Zap Fat

It’s Not Too Late To Get A Flu Shot

Patient Claims Plastic Surgery Botched

How To File A Complaint Against A Doctor

Promising New Treatment For Colic

Frostbite A Real Danger In Deep Freeze

New Funding For Obesity Surgeries

SAD Strikes As Winter Light Fades

Province Urged To Ban Smoking In Cars With Kids

Women Pass Men As Most At Risk For Heart Attack & Stroke