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Shingles FAQ

Shingles FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Hui’s Shingles Treatment:

How many cases have you treated with this method?
• I have successfully treated over a few hundred patients with shingles.

What is your success rate?
• My success rate is 80% — 60% are completely cured and 20% have substantial improvement.

Why is your method so effective?
• My unique treatment works so well because of the combination of international techniques. (See Shingles page.)

Is there someone in my area who can treat me with your method?
• Not likely, it is difficult to find someone who would know all of the aspects of the different combinations of various international techniques.

Can you give my acupuncturist your treatment method?
• No, because I use a combination of methods, not just acupuncture, and some of these methods must be administered by a licensed physician.

Can you tell me how you would treat a patient?
• Each case is individualized and treatment will vary with each patient.

Is this a temporary cure?
• The cure should be permanent, but there may be some exceptions.

How many treatments does it take?
• The average is 10 treatments, but some may need 15. We will know within 5 treatments whether or not it is working. One need not continue to receive treatment if there was no response within 5 treatments. (20% of the cases.)

How frequent are the treatments?
• Five days a week, one each day, for 2 to 3 weeks. If patients are coming from out of town, plan on staying 3 weeks in case we need to use the full 3 weeks of treatment. There are reasonable hotels nearby for out of town patients — and it’s cheaper than a hospital stay if you don’t have insurance.

How much do the treatments cost?
• If you are a Canadian resident, the cost is $85 (CAD) per session and provincial medical insurance will cover the rest. If you are from out of the country, the cost is $85 (US) per session, which may be retreivable from your own insurer if you have insurance. These costs cover the multi-modalities and multi-disciplinary approach during each session.