Immune System

Autoimmune Diseases

  1. Food Allergy

Foods are foreign substances until they are broken down into basic ingredients that look like the body’s own parts.  If all the foreign imported letters can be broken down into single alphabets and strokes, our ‘language police” would not ostracize them as foreign invaders.  If food particles get into our gut not fully processed by our digestive system, immune responses are aroused once coupled with leaky filters”, like what some people have in their gut walls.  This causes colitis at the bowel wall.  The extra “unarrested alien” that got into the blood stream will even arouse systemic immune responses or inflammation at distant sites causing arthritis, dermatitis, etc.

Unconventional treatment:

Identifying food allergies will eliminate many arthritic conditions.  Use of digestive enzymes and natural remedies that seal the leaky gut often settle many inflammations of the body.

  1. Heavy metals

Heavy metals such as lead (example: from lead pipes), mercury (from amalgam fillings) enter our bodies as contaminants.  When they get attached to our tissues, usually at receptor sites normally used by their proper activators. The extra “horns” will attract the body’s “anti-terrorist” forces to attack the “horned slices”.

Chelation Therapy:

Using agents that have the ability to “magnetically bind” to these heavy metals will free the body of these contaminants.  In this case, the body does not need to send defenses to attack it’s own tissues.  It is wise to remove these heavy metals because they compromise normal body functions. (

In conclusion, the medical profession needs to take these concepts into consideration instead of using stronger and harmful immunosuppressive drugs as their main method of dealing with autoimmune diseases. .  I am suggesting strongly, that there are, in some cases, more natural, less harmful ways of ridding the body of disease, than by the use of heavy handed medications, and these methods are not being given center stage, as they should.