LifeLine 01-Natural Approaches to narrowing Arteries (Click this link for more details)

Arteries tend to get narrower with age (also called “hardening” of the arteries).This results in higher blood pressure and increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, angina and accelerates organ degeneration.


As oxygen is consumed by the body, harmful by-products known as “free radicals” are produced.They are electrically unbalanced molecules that behave like rampant vandals. it they are not neutralized by patrolling antioxidants, they can damage the lining of the arteries, forming a mesh to which cholesterol and passing blood platelets may stick.


Diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol, excessive iron or any harmful metals in the blood accelerate the damage.


Conventional treatment: Drugs, balloon cleaning or bypass surgery. But side ertects. recurrences and surgical complications limit their usefulness.

Non-surgical measures:

• Antioxidants vitamin 01 E, betacarotene and co-enzyme 010 neutralize and . capture the free radicals.

• Aspirin: A dose of baby aspirin a day helps prevent platelets clotting on to the artery walls.

• Reducing intake of saturated fats.

• Magnesium helps control blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels. – Exercise at least twice a week.

• Natural herbs such as hawthorn and the Chinese herb Dan Shen.

• A glass of red wine per day. The grape seed and skin contain good antioxidants.

• Cheiation therapy: Intravenous administration of amino acid EDTA absorbs heavy metals on the hardened arteries. returning flexibility to the constricted blood vessels.