LifeLine 10-The Three Kings of Chinese medicine (Click this link to see details)

Chinese herbal remedies date back thousands of years and typically contain a mixture of ingredients based around one or more key ingredients known as the “king” herbs, The three most treasured “kinqs” of Chinese medicine are:
Ginseng is the best known “king” herb. Its main action is as an energy tonic. The
two main types have distinct properties.
Asian ginseng (panax ginseng or red ginseng); Adds “heat” in addition to energy. Suitable for weak and cold patients. Not to be taken patients with high blood pressure, insomnia and irritability.
North American ginseng(white ginseng): In addition to energizing, it also cools and moisturizes. Suitable for weak and “dry” patients, e.g. dry skin, dry throat, recurrent sore throat, etc.
Enerqy stimulant – especially “defensive” energy. Chinese households cook with this herb in soups for general health maintenance and prevention. It is useful to build up the immune system of patients with frequent infections or for patients who have undergone chemotherapy. It also prevents excessive sweating.
Dong quai – known as “women’s ginseng”
• It builds up blood and stimulates circulation, especially good to replace blood loss of child birth and menstruation.
• It also contains plant estrogen and is therefore beneficial for menopausal symptoms.