Insomnia – The Natural Approach

Deep sleep is essential for energy, mental clarity and good mood. The best way to improve sleep is to increase stimulation and activity during the day. Deep sleep naturally follows.

During the day

  • Be active: walk vigorously, exercise, bicycle.
  • Get exposure to bright natural light: sit by the window, open curtains, go outside.
  • Reduce naps: never nap more than 30 minutes.

Preparing for bed

  • Avoid coffee, tea, chocolate, colas after 4 p.m.
  • Take a hot bath before bedtime – the temperature drop to a cooler room triggers deep sleep.

At night

  • Make sure lights, music or TV are turned off as background distraction can prevent deep sleep.
  • Use thick curtains or blindfolds to block out dawn light.
  • Use an alarm to wake at a regular time.