New Year’s Resolutions

By guest writer, competitive marathoner and ultra runner, race director Robby Breadner.

With a new year comes new resolutions to embrace. Resolutions to improve one’s health are high on that list. But why do peoples’ resolutions so often fall away? The reality is most people take on too much of a life change for fitness and healthy living. When a person goes from never visiting a gym, to spending hours a day everyday, the change is often too extreme and the novelty quickly wears off.

What we eat is also a means to achieve better health. However, rigid diets and complete dietary changes from poor eating habits to strictly healthy foods, can be difficult to sustain.

The key to transitioning from less-than-healthy living to a better you, is often a gentler adoption of good habits.

Instead of diving into 7-day-a-week weight training, consider a gym that sells blocks of passes, and begin with 30-minute sessions no more than three times a week. Go for a vigorous walk the balance of the week.

Instead of quitting all junk food, alcohol, and caffienated beverages at once, limit number of drinks maximum and keep to just once a week. Limit yourself to coffee a few times a week before lunch only. Swap potato chips with air popped popcorn.

After a month of adding in good habits and phasing out some unhealthy habits, take the next steps to increase gym time, lengthen walk distances, cut takeout food intake in half… and successfully do these for no less than a month.

You will discover that easing away from some things in steps, make them easier to adopt, and lead you to discover more efforts to make your life healthier and happier.

All the best with your new year’s resolutions and enjoy your newfound health.