Dealing with Stress

One of the main causes of stress is failure to meet expectations set by oneself or by others. The secret to reducing stress is being able to control expectations, and to deal with failure in a healthy way.

What helps

  • Lower expectations: Adjust what you expect from yourself and set realistic goals. Prevailing advice from self-help gurus “aim high, succeed high” more often than not leads to remorse and self-blame. Reject unreasonable expectations by others (family or work)
  • Reduce the pain of loss: Adopt the philosophy that things are not necessarily forever, whether it’s relationships or being lucky in business. Think of yourself a caretaker rather than an owner (of a relationship, property). If nothing is owned, it can’t be lost.
  • Keep an open mind: Stay flexible and be prepared to adapt to changes and readjust goals.

How to relieve stress

  • Exercise daily.
  • Focus every day on a special interest – e.g. reading, music, hobby
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Consider your “cup of life” as half full rather than half empty.
  • Try your best, and let fate do the rest