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Neck Problems

LifeLine 08-Neck problem (Click this link for more details)

The neck can be the cause of a variety of symptoms including headache, shoulder pain and pain down the arm.

The problem is caused by high flexibility and therefore instability of the neck. Good posture with the neck held straight is critical to avoid neck problems.

Sleeping on one’s stomach with heck turned at a sharp angle.
– Prolonged desk work with head bending down.
– Pillow too high or too low, e.g. using arm of sofa as a headrest.

What Can Help

¥ Change posture, e.g. frequent resting of the neck holding head squarely over shoulders

¥ Use shaped pillows (or improvise with rolled-up towels) to fill the hollows under the neck.

¥ Adjust the angle and height of reading materials, rather than forcing the neckdown.

¥ Acupuncture to relieve irritated nerves and muscles.

¥ Manual joint adjustments, useful for realigning minor mismatching of the vertebrae.

¥ Physiotherapy, e.q. traction to relieve compressed nerve roots. . .

¥ Massage or acupressure to relieve tightness of muscles.