LifeLine 05-Self Help for Headaches (Click this link to see details)

Headaches are usually caused by problems outside the brain such as constricted blood vessels, neck joints, muscles and jaw.

A chronic headache which is not increasing in intensity is unlikely to be caused by a tumor. Most x-rays and scans to exclude tumors are unnecessary.

Common triggers to avoid

– Sleeping on stomach, with neck twisted.

– Alcohol, cheese, nuts, MSG, cured meat, artificial sweeteners.

– Jaw overworked: grinding teeth, chewing gum.

Long-term management

• Avoid daily use of painkillers as they will cause rebound headaches.

• Chiropractic: Good if cause is neck problem.

• Dental checkup to rule out dental and jaw problems.

• Acupuncture: Useful to reduce hypersensitivity of nerve to pain.

• Herbal remedies to treat constitutional imbalance.



– Lean forward over a desk and rest head on hands.

– Have helper feel for small depressions (pressure points) at base of skull.

– With thumb and index finger on pressure points, massage or hold pressure for 5 minutes.


– Feveriew tablets effective for many headache or migraine sufferers (health store or any pharmacy).

– Sibelium tablets (on prescription)