Dr. Hui is an integrative medicine practitioner. As a complement to conventional methods of treatment, he uses naturopathic and traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, supplements and herbal medicine), joint manipulation and intravenous therapies such as chelation therapy, vitamin and nutrient therapy, nutraceutical therapy and hyperbaric ozone therapy.

His main goal is to optimize patients’ health holistically and allow them to achieve a balanced life. Dr. Hui does not treat symptoms alone but takes time to address the root causes of his patients’ medical problem. For example, if a patient comes in for chronic headaches, Dr. Hui will explore underlying factors such as jaw alignment, the neck’s range of motion, sleep and hormones. He believes that seemingly unrelated body functions are actually interrelated.

Feel free to read first-hand patient accounts of their experiences with Dr. Hui’s approach on Dr. Hui’s RateMD page: rateMDDrHui